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Choosing an agent who is part of The Travel Agent Next Door means you are 100% guaranteed that your professional travel consultant is well travelled as well as educated on a huge number of travel styles, options and experiences.  When an agent chooses to be a part of The Travel Agent Next Door network, they are connected with the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, touring companies and more.  Each travel professional associated with The Travel Agent Next Door is incredibly passionate about travel and providing you with the holiday of a lifetime that will fit your needs and budget.  Make the right choice and book with us today.

Maria Febres

Maria Febres

Originally from Venezuela, with a bachelor's degree in Architecture with a diploma in Ceramics. My passion for traveling have taken me to visit Europe, different islands in the Caribbean, Central and North America where I ultimately fell in love with Toronto, a great multicultural city which I now calls home.

I have always been the "go-to" friend and family for traveling tips and ideas so I decided to make this passion a professional career. In 2015 I successfully completed my training as a travel agent with the Travel Agent Next Door.
My mission and passion is to organize the best travel experience and to make your dreams come true, take advantage of all what this world full of history, culture,art, food, customs and people offers, so you can experience and visit hidden gems and gorgeous places you could never imagine to be there and have unforgettable moments.
My professional advice includes Cruises, all Inclusive Sun Vacations, Hawaiian Vacations, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, Club med, Family Vacations, Exotic Destinations, Adventure Tours, Europe Vacations and more.
I have had the opportunity to been in Mexico to Mexico city, Riviera Maya Cancun,Cozumel and Taxco Guerrero, in Guatemala to Guatemala city, in The Caribbean to Aruba, Curacao, Martinique, Guadalupe, Saint Marten, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Saint Thomas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Bahamas, in The United States to Washington Dc, Maryland, Virginia, Miami, Orlando( in the Atlantic coast in Florida), Pittsburgh , Chicago, Connecticut, New York City,New Jersey, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and New Orleans, In Europe to Barcelona,Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda (Spain) ,to Gibraltar ( UK) , to Rome, Napoli, Pompeii Scava, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno (Italy), to Budapest and Gyor (Hungary), to Bratislava ( Slovakia), to Vienne and Salzburg (Austria), to Prague and Cezky krumlov (Czech Republic), to Zurich, Lausanne, Luzerne, Bern and Geneva (Switzerland), to Paris, Anecy, Dijon and Lille( France),to Bruges, Getz and Brussels (Belgium),to Berlin (Germany), to Copenhagen (Denmark), to Tallin (Estonia) ,to St Petersburg (Russia), and in Canada to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Kamloops, Whistler, Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara Falls, east Coast New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Looking forward to fill this list with many more countries and cities each year to have more knowledge of places and be able to give more advises to my clients.

My Travel experience expertise

. Princess Cruise Commodore

. Norwegian Cruise Line Specialist

. Saint Lucia,Jamaica,Martinique and Aruba Specialist.

. Hawaii Specialist ( Hawaii Island, Kuai, Maui Nui and O'Hau) .
. Xcaret Xpert.

.Trafalgar Expert

. Brussels- Wallonia Specialist.

. Insight Vacations Specialist

. Best Western and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Maria Febres

Maria Febres

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